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Junior Summer Golf Camps        

Growing the game of golf starts with junior golfers. A great way to get kids involved in the sport is through our junior summer golf camps. Golf is a win-win for parents and kids. Kids have a great time and parents know this unique hobby teaches characteristics such as sportsmanship, respect, team work, and etiquette, plus there are a ridiculous amount of unused golf scholarships out there waiting for you!

What happens at golf camp?
We start out camp by rubbing "the rock". Read the rock story here.

We usually host anywhere from 3-5 camps per summer. Each camp is one week long. The first day our staff is usually getting comfortable with the kids and seeing where they are in their skill set by taking them through different aspects of the game such as driving, putting, chipping, and rules and etiquette of golf.

Throughout the week you will find the kids on the putting green practicing their putts, on the driving range, practicing their drives, in the bunkers, practicing bunker shots and building bunker sand castles (yes we have bunker sand castle competitions) and on the member range doing their infamous water balloon drills.

The water balloon drill is a favorite among campers. In this drill kids learn how their body should rotate during a swing by throwing a water balloon to their partner. The last two standing with an un-popped balloon get a water gun to use at willJ It’s hot so we have to have some fun.

In between golfing, the kids take breaks to cool off with popsicles and Gatorades. These breaks are a chance for the kids to have some creativity. They may be asked to design their own golf hole (We’ve seen dragons, space ships, and other creative holes) ,create a new golf rule, or whatever else our staff comes up with!

On the last day of camp the golfers get to play in their own golf tournament to showcase their skills and get some on course practice. The golfers love this part of the camp! True to form, after the tournament they do prizes and awards followed by a pizza party and popsicles!

We still have two more morning camps and two more afternoon camps this summer.
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