From Miss to Mrs.

From Miss to Mrs
The process after you say “I Do”

After you come home from the honeymoon, recover from all of the sunburns, sleep off the bottles of bubbly, question taking another day off before heading back to work, and finish moving into your new home, it’s time to officially become a Mrs! There is nothing more exciting than going through the process of legally becoming one.
Public Service Announcement: One of the worst things in life is finally getting your number called, after waiting in line for hours, to only hear that you did not bring certain documents. You can always call up to your local courthouse or visit your county’s government website to make sure that you bring all the necessary information and paperwork.
You’ve used your marriage license to get married and now you need an official copy to change all of your legal documents. Isn’t it funny how most things are like this? Anyways, I am sure a family member or close friend mailed off your license after you tied the knot. Once you get back and are settled in, go back to the courthouse and request a certified copy of your marriage license. This is the official copy of your marriage certificate that is recognized by the government, and you will need it for almost every step following this one.
Once you receive the official copy of your marriage license, you can tackle the list below.
-         Social Security Card
-         Driver’s License
-         Insurance
-         Bank Accounts
-         Credit Card
-         Job and/or Business Information
-         Passport
-         Mortgage or Lease
-         And the most important (and possibly everyone’s favorite) social media!             
           Show off that new last name girl!
These are just a few important items to change to officially be recognized as a Mrs!
Until Next Time,
Kayleigh Clinkenbeard